Red Dog Running
Red Dog Running
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Red Dog Running

  Just to let you known, Linda and I are taking a break for short time. You can still contact us if you have any questions.

The Irish Setter, also known as Red Dog or Irisher, is a study in movement. They run with a rambling gate that suggests Mother Nature may have left a few screws out of their joints (and elsewhere!). They love to run and can run for what seems forever. All an Irisher needs is an open field, preferably with no fences or boundaries. They will chase anything that sits, runs, hops, climbs, flies, and even slithers or crawls. Each venture outside is a unique oportunity. It is this fun loving, graceful nature of the red dog that has always appealed to us.

Gary and Linda have had Irish Setters for over 30 years. Each was purchased from a well-respected breeder. Each has a unique personality, but always a loving life-long companion. During the past few years, Linda has focused on conformation, obedience, and rally with Cendigh. It was while attending various dog shows that Gary's interest in photographing the Irisher has grown. She is now showing Tangled up in blue (Dylan) and maintains history of our setters at her Persimmon Tree Setters site.

This website is the intersection of the Irish Setter and photography-both are complex topics. When we are at one of the shows in and around Virginia, Gary is there taking pictures of the red dogs running. His photos are available for purchase on this website in print and digital formats. You can also make arrangements to have your dog photographed at a show. I can also bring my studio to your location for portraits, candids, and stacked pictures.


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